PW #103: Adult Epic Fantasy: GODBREAKER

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentors Names: Michelle Hauck and Carrie Callaghan

Mentee Name: Ian Barnes


Category: Adult

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Word Count: 109,000 words


Forty years ago, Kastien slew a false god and freed a nation. Now, his knees ache every Void-damned time it rains, and he longs to retire with his wife and comrade-in-arms, Val. But when plague ravages their home, they must attempt the impossible: kidnap a healing god. If they fail, everything they love will fall to dust and shadow. ALLOY OF LAW meets DISHONORED.


Of all the dumb stunts Kastien Roth witnessed over the years, breaking into a plague ward was … well, not even close to the top five. Top ten, certainly.

The hooded figure below dashed out of the abandoned police station at the edge of the quarantine zone. A woman, judging by the slight swell of hip and breast beneath bulky cloth. One old enough to understand the risks, but young enough to think death only happened to other people. She ran across the street and slunk through a window of the boarded-up rowhouse he perched atop.

Beside him, slender fingers absently twirled a knife hilt. Valeria Avez tucked the blade back within her sleeve, and adjusted the cloak keeping the rain from her coal-black curls and copper skin. “What do you make of our would-be smuggler, my love?” his wife asked as if reading his thoughts—which, after nearly forty years together, she probably could. “Greedy or foolish?”

Kastien scratched his jaw. Patchy black and gray stubble tugged at the leather glove he always wore over his left hand. “Can’t it be both?”

“It very likely is, but that ruins the game and then how will we pass the time?”

“I can think of a few ways.”

Val flicked him on the back of the head. Hard.

He rubbed his abused scalp, grinning, and considered her question. Greed was a given, but foolish was relative.



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