Pitch Wars Submission Issue


We had an issue come up regarding the submission applications for Pitch Wars 2017 on brenda-drake.com. When attachments were uploaded through the form builder, our old server posted a link to the uploaded doc to Google. All the attachments have been removed, but the link may still be on Google. It would only affect you, if you had your name and address at the top of your uploaded chapter. If you did have your personal information at the top of your chapter, please search your name in Google and see if a link to it shows up.

After you do a search and if you find that your personal information is on Google because of our upload, please email us at brendadrakecontests@gmail.com and we will put in a take down request immediately to Google and they will remove it. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONLY IF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (IE. PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS) IS IN THE LINK. ALL ATTACHMENTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED. Click on the link and it should be a blank page. That’s how you can tell your chapter has been removed.

Please note: We can only remove our links. If you have issues with other links by other companies or people, you should contact them directly. 

Moving forward, this will not happen on pitchwars.org. We have moved to a different server with better security. The old site on brenda-drake.com is being retired. I’m so sorry if this affected you. I’m sick about it. I never knew this could even happen.

That’s it. Again, I’m truly sorry. Thank you for your patience.



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