PitchWars Snowball

Welcome agents (and those just reading for fun) to Pitch Wars! It’s been a crazy few months of selecting mentees and working hard to get their manuscripts in top shape for the agent round. Congratulations to the 52 mentees for surviving this rigorous boot-camp for writers. And a huge thank you to all the mentors who generously gave their time to help out their team of writers. To learn more about our mentors go here.

Find out more about our fabulous agents here!

Also, find out more about our sponsor, Jen Halligan PR, and the wonderful gifts our mentor/mentee teams with the most requests will be receiving here.




The mentors also picked alternates in case their mentees dropped out for any reason (getting an offer hopefully). So to show our appreciation for them waiting in the wings, the mentors worked with them to get pitch ready and we’re holding a special Alternate Showcase for their pitches on the following blogs…

Middle Grade:

Veronica Bartles

Young Adult:

Stacey Lee

Jaye Robin Brown

Dannie Morin

N. K. Traver

New Adult & Adult

Lady Lioness

Nazarea Andrews


Our top picks follow this post. There are 52 of them, so check them all out.

If you are not an agent on our panel, please no comments in the pitch posts. The comments are now open to all.

Thank you!

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