Pitch Wars Interview with Ian Barnes and his mentor, J.C. Nelson

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Our mentors are editing, our mentees are revising, and we hope you’re making progress on your own manuscript! While we’re all working toward the Agent Showcase on November 3rd-9th, we hope you’ll take a moment during your writing breaks and get to know our 2016 Pitch Wars Teams.

And now, we have . . .


Ian Barnes – Mentee




J.C. Nelson – Mentor

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Ian: Why did you choose JC?

How could I not? Writes kickass urban fantasy? Check. Plays Ticket to Ride? Check. Loves Battlestar Galactica and Granny Weatherfax? Check and check. Referenced Shadowrun positively in a Goodreads review (I’m not a stalker, you’re a stalker)? Well, I figured if anyone was going to like my story, it’d be him.

JC: Why did you choose Ian and Slow Burn Armageddon?

I chose Ian/Slow Burn Armageddon because I started reading it, and from the moment it began, I just said “I need to read more of this.” Then I got to the end of the pages and said the same thing over and over—until I’d finished the book.

Ian: Summarize your book in three words.

Hacking, magic, shitstorm.

JC: Summarize Ian’s book in three words.

Cyberpunk Shadowrun Armageddon

Ian: Tell us about yourself. What makes you and Slow Burn Armageddon unique?

My manuscript has about ten books worth of backstory that will never see the light of day. Does that count? No? Okay, then. I’m obsessed with all things computer and fantasy-related. Being a lifelong gamer, combining the two felt like a no-brainer. Blend cyberpunk and urban fantasy, add in the worst possible person to be the big damn hero, then over-season with video game jargon and sarcasm. I couldn’t not write this story.

JC: Tell us about yourself. Something we might not already know.

I took several years of Latin in school and loved every moment of it.


Check out J.C. Nelson’s latest release . . . 

ReburialistsCoverThe Reburialists

Burying the dead is easy. Keeping them down is difficult.

At the Bureau of Special Investigations, agents encounter all sorts of paranormal evils. So for Agent Brynner Carson, driving a stake through a rampaging three-week-old corpse is par for the course. Except this cadaver is different. It’s talking—and it has a message about his father, Heinrich.

The reanimated stiff delivers an ultimatum written in bloody hieroglyphics, and BSI Senior Analyst Grace Roberts is called in to translate. It seems that Heinrich Carson stole the heart of Ra-Ame, the long-dead god of the Re-Animus. She wants it back. The only problem is Heinrich took the secret of its location to his grave.

With the arrival of Ra-Ame looming and her undead army wreaking havoc, Brynner and Grace must race to find the key to stopping her. It’s a race they can’t afford to lose, but then again, it’s just another day on the job . . .

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Thank you for supporting our Pitch Wars Teams! And don’t forget to stop by the Agent Showcase starting November 3rd to see how our teams do in the final round.


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