Pitch Madness B-14: NA: THE BLEEDING HEART

Genre: NA Psychological Horror

Word Count: 61,000


Scarred and out of control, 18yo Brooklyn seeks revenge with her tattoo needles. When Daniel comes along and shows her that love is a more fulfilling obsession, Brooklyn fights to save her sanity and herself.


I’m a monster—a dangerous one. Not the kind that will break into your house to steal prized possessions or shoot you dead on the street, but dangerous nonetheless. I try to ignore the pointed looks as I walk to the store. I know how they see me and what they think. It’s the same every time.

My fair skin, beautiful long wavy brown hair and large green eyes make me look innocent enough, that is until you catch a glimpse of my neck. This is where I’m different. Two inches below my ears, a large pink scar runs right across my throat. Without my make-up on, you may get a glimpse of a few more tiny scars on my cheeks, but those I’ve gotten very good at hiding. I have many disguises, and my face is just the one thing I cover.

The clothes I wear hide the other fine pink and white lines that crisscross my body. As long as I don’t go sunbathing in a bikini, no one even knows they’re there. I walk with my head held high and don’t bother trying to hide my neck scar anymore. Not only is it impossible, but it’s there as a reminder of who I am.

Who I was.

Every day that jagged white scar feeds my anger, keeps me alive in the shell of my mind—where the fire inside me burns with desire for revenge. I will be in control the next time I see him.

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Mr. Boddy is discovered on the floor of the Conservatory bleeding from his head. On the rod-iron table nearby is a box of nails and a church flyer.



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