Pitch Madness Entry B-5: FOSTER CABIN

Genre: Mystery/ Horror
Word Count: 62,000
Forty-five years ago, ten children went missing and turned up dead in a cabin in the woods. Now history is repeating itself. Someone’s targeting children again. And their sight is set on Nathan and Leila.
I was going to die. I coughed out a lungful of thick black smoke. My vision was blurred as if I were looking through someone’s thick glasses. I bumped into something and fell over. Pain rippled up my leg as it fell on an ignited beam. There was barely any oxygen left in the place; I gasped for the last bit and then nudged my collar over my nose and cracking lips. The heat was intense, clawing at me like an invisible feline. I slowly got up, forgetting to stay low.
The air smelled like burning plastic and vomit burned my throat like acid. I inched my way through the black smoke and flames.
I shouldn’t be here. I should have never come back.
I stumbled, but caught myself. It felt like my pores were being fried. The moisture drained from my face, leaving me with pink burns. The plastic tie that bound my hands began to melt, like lava dripping down my wrists, making me scream.

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