Pitch Madness Entry B-15: OPERATION BREAKUP

Genre: Humorous Contemporary YA
Word Count: 78,000
Crushing on the hottest senior in school who already has the perfect girlfriend is a lose-lose situation for sixteen-year-old artist Abby Wheeler, until a shady frenemy proposes a foolproof plan for attaining the unattainable.
Ian Koch had no business telling me where to sit. Talk about pissing me off royally.
He lifted one hand, looking like it pained him to wave me over. Great. Front row. As if Global History wasn’t excruciatingly bad enough. I dragged my feet to the chair next to him, then slammed my ass down so hard I almost paralyzed myself.
No less than five minutes into Global Studies and the first stab of a migraine had already pierced my left eyeball. Right at the exact moment when I’d shoved my hand into that paper bag and pulled out a slip of paper with Ian Koch’s name scrawled on it.
“First partnership: Ian Koch and Abby Wheeler!” Mr. Rausch had said with a flourish as he handed the paper bag of names to his next victim.
You could hear a pin drop. The entire class looked up at Mr. Rausch like he’d said, “Ian Koch and Osama bin Laden!”

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