Pitch Madness Entry B-14: BROKEN

Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 59,000
After an accident kills half her family, Dylan uses drugs to drown her feelings. When she falls for Matt, she must decide if she’s willing to quit using heroin and take a chance on love.
Red and blue lights dance off the roof of my mother’s car.
I groan and lean back against the seat.  The movement makes my head spin and my stomach rolls.  The pain is unbearable.  Like thousands of ice picks hammering into my temple at once.
Pushing against the steering wheel, I try to shift away from the pain.  My hand slips and my elbow slams into something hard.  I grunt and cradle my arm against my chest.  Blood covers my hand.  It’s smeared across my shirt and the soaked fabric clings to my skin.  It’s sticky and uncomfortable.
It’s dark.  I don’t understand why I’m in the car.  I can’t even pin down my last memory.  It feels like days ago that I was at Logan’s house.  But it was just this afternoon, right?  Maybe?
I squint to make out the objects past the cracks in the windshield.  A tree has sprouted through the hood of the car, its branches splayed across the glass.

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