Pitch Madness Entry B-1: UNDER THE WILLOW

Genre: Middle Grade Mystery

Word count: 51,000
Merry and Cooper investigate an old jewel heist rumored to involve Merry’s uncle and Cooper’s dad. With the convicted thieves now released from prison, Merry and Cooper fight to save their families.
All my life I waited for someone to talk about my Uncle Frankie, but after twelve whole years of waiting, I gave up. Because no one ever did.
No one.
It’s like it’s forbidden or something. So when I heard Cooper’s Aunt Eleanor say Uncle Frankie’s name, I about fell over. Good thing I didn’t though because I had a fruit tray balanced in each hand and the inside of my mom’s catering van would have been an awful mess.
As I steadied the trays, Catering Rule #1–know who you’re serving–kicked into high gear and my ears perked right up as my best friend’s aunt talked about my uncle. You see, I was serving Cooper’s Aunt Eleanor at an outdoor wedding reception. Unfortunately, I also know her. My dad likes to say, “Some people don’t know when to keep their trap shut,” and Cooper’s Aunt Eleanor is definitely one of those people.

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