Pitch Madness B-9: YA: JANE UNWRAPPED

red 2

Genre: Young Adult Mythological Fantasy

Word Count: 85,0000


Ending up in ancient Egypt is not the kind of experiment teen scientist Jane thought she would be conducting, especially when she’s roped into a deal with a vengeful god to steal King Tut’s heart.


Light spots my vision and I blink as everything shifts focus. My brother, Duncan, stands in my doorway, laughing. There’s a familiar ache in my neck and I groan as I sit up. I’ve fallen asleep in another uncomfortably awkward position: my back on the floor, legs sprawled up over my bed, and text books, microscope, and laptops scattered around me.

“What do you want?” I grunt, turning to face him. He’s in his floral swim shorts with a towel hung over his neck. This can’t be good.

“How about a little adventure today, Jane?” Duncan pulls open my blinds and sunlight splashes across my room, cutting out the blue light of my three blinking computers, and spills over to Experimental Plant X13 in the corner.

“Hey!” I snap, and jump up. I firmly yank the blinds close. “My experiment can’t be exposed to UV rays!”

“Oh, it’s your plant that can’t be exposed, eh? Here I was, thinking you were a vampire this entire time!” Duncan laughs and pokes my pasty skin. “Come on, get your suit on. The gang is heading down to Skutz Falls.”

“Have fun,” I say, plopping down on the bed.

“Oh, lighten up,” he says, picking up my freshly cleaned graduated cylinder. “Why don’t you experiment with having fun for once?”

“Because,” I say, and yank away the cylinder before he can leave anymore greasy fingerprints, “experiments aren’t about fun. They’re about discovery.”


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