Pitch Madness # B-8 YA SF Thriller: NUMBERLESS

# B-8: YA SF Thriller: NUMBERLESS

Seventeen-year-old Eve is genetically enhanced and specially trained to kill alien-human hybrids on Earth as part of a covert invasion. She doesn’t expect to fall in love with one, and that changes everything.

We took the interstate up the Massachusetts coast, on our way to hunt aliens in small town America.

While Gabriel drove, I rode shotgun in the back, a modified Remington semi-automatic rifle on the seat beside me. At the first sign of trouble, I’d be ready. He yelled something from the front seat, but I couldn’t hear because the soundtrack from Independence Day was blasting on my iPod. I liked dramatic music when we were hunting.

I pulled out the earbuds. “What?”

“We’re almost there,” he said, pointing to the GPS screen on the dashboard. He had FM Satellite radio tuned to a jazz station out of New Orleans. Our musical tastes clashed, like pretty much everything else about us.  “Better make sure you’re ready for trouble, just in case someone tipped them off.”

I pumped my shotgun and smiled at his reflection in the rear view mirror. “Locked and loaded.”


3 comments to Pitch Madness # B-8 YA SF Thriller: NUMBERLESS

  • Sara Sciuto, Full Circle Literary

    I have a Flush!

  • The iPod bit made it beautiful! I love that iPod bit! That is exactly what I would do if I was Eve, minus the independence day music file.
    Personally, I would play `*still more fight`* by Nobuo Uematsu.
    Anyway, aside from the iPod bit, speaking of clashing, it peaks my interest in knowing that these two should potentially fall in love– as said by the sentence, when the paragraph signifies the exact opposite.
    It makes me ask: how should the story work out in such a way that the sentence comes to be true?

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