Pitch Madness # B-7 YA Fantasy with Myth: VENOM’S CURSE

# B-7: YA Fantasy with Myth: VENOM’S CURSE

Loka has died. Again. When her next reincarnation opens a third eye into the mythical Hindu realm, she discovers she’s a Goddess and someone wants to steal her power, killing her for good this time.

“Damn it,” I said through clenched teeth. “Not again!

My eyes cracked open to reveal a saffron infused, gothic room with high vaulted ceilings. Thick heavy banners of emerald, scarlet, and cobalt hung, brushing whisper-soft, against the marble floor. The ivory stone was bitterly cold and unyielding against my cheek. It was polished to a perfect mirrored gloss, reflecting the image of the room upside down, like a crystal lake.

“Hello, Loka,” a gravel and husk voice said. “What a surprise.”

“No need to rub it in.” I hauled myself to my feet in an ungainly dance of vertigo. I was glad I’d died today when I was wearing under-wear. Yesterday would’ve been rather embarrassing, with the marble floor bouncing back my daisy knickers hidden beneath my high-lighter pink mini-skirt.

I glared at the three Gods in front of me, and all memories of my past lives flooded back.

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