Pitch Madness # B-6 YA Urban Fantasy: DENIZENS

# B-6: YA Urban Fantasy: DENIZENS

It’s easy to build a reputation as an infamous thief when nobody knows your secret, but soon Fairley will have to use her talent for turning mirrors into doorways to flee a gargoyle hunting her.

I never imagined something as simple as a wooden box would have me running for my life through an antique store. Then again, in my line of work some encounters went down smooth as glass while others ended with prospective clients trying to dismember me.

A searing pain sliced through my upper right arm, and a quick glance down showed blood welling from a cut an inch deep. My inner girly girl growled at having my clothes damaged and it fueled my anger.

Iran past where the knife had imbedded itself in a dark wooden dresser, its handle still vibrating from the impact.

The knife’s owner nipped at my heels. I turned the last corner and spotted a mirror at the end of the aisle. I pushed my legs harder, the sound of the man’s feet smacking the floor on the other side of the passageway urging me on.

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