Pitch Madness # B-5 YA Paranormal: FOREVER FRIDAY

# B-5: YA Paranormal: FOREVER FRIDAY

When Friday discovers she isn’t just an immortal, but also the only one capable of killing another, she must leave everyone she loves or risk becoming a deadly weapon in the world’s oldest blood feud.

Un milagro, they called me. A miracle. I heard the nurses whisper it to each other as they passed my hospital room. I saw it on the news for three days before my story was overshadowed by celebrity gossip and political scandals. And it was the first thing the Chilean doctor said to me when my scan results came back normal.

But I didn’t believe in miracles.

“Good morning, señorita,” the nurse said as she pulled back the curtains. “You are going home today, no?”

I nodded.

Muy bien. The doctor will be in to release you soon.”

I tried to focus on the television, but I still found myself replaying the accident in my mind. Everyone had known it was my dying wish to go to Paris, ever since I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor over a year ago. So when the woman from the wish foundation called to tell me I’d been granted an all-expenses-paid vacation to Chile, I was seriously confused.

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