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Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy (LGBQTIA): MEMORIES OF THE FALLEN

Word Count: 100,000


When Elijah was ten years old he was supposed to kill a stranger, a girl. That girl became his best friend. Six years later, he’ll now have to protect her against those who sent him.


Something is trying to break through the wall above my bed. A vibration, then three deep blows so hard they rattle my headboard against the wall. It must be something left over from my dream, or maybe I’m still dreaming. Another loud crack and a muffled growl brings me fully awake.

My eyes pop open, heart slamming against my chest. The pounding had been so loud, so violent, that I half expect pieces of the wall to be raining down on me. Nothing is falling, yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time before the thing breaks through.

Another vibration only inches from my head. I start to roll away, get the hell out, but a shout from the other side of the wall stops me.

“Elijah! Answer your damn phone for Christ’s sake; do you know what time it is?”

It’s Jim’s voice, barely muffled through the thin wall. Another vibration. It’s my stupid cell phone.

I reach behind my bed and find my phone wedged between the box spring and the wall. I don’t bother checking the number – only one person would call me this late. Or early. I don’t even remember what time I went to bed, only that it was after watching a movie with Sara and downing about a gallon of cookie dough.

I flip the phone open, squeeze my eyes shut against the bright screen, and press the earpiece to the side of my head.

“Sara, Channing Tatum better be in your living room, shirtless, and desperately wanting to meet me.”


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