Pitch Madness # B-20 MG Adventure: THELMA BEE

#B-20: MG Adventure: THELMA BEE

Eleven-year-old Thelma Bee and her amateur ghost hunters set out to rescue her father, an antiques dealer kidnapped by an uninvited ghostly visitor. Their only clues are a centuries-old jewelry box, and one word, “Return.”

Thelma Bee had short confident bangs, a heavy red backpack, and no idea that a very strange thing was about to find her. When the final bell rang that Wednesday afternoon, she closed her eyes and the sound transformed into a celebration of mariachi trumpets. Just one more school day until the long-long weekend. She busted out of the front door with the excitement that only 2:30 p.m. can bring, and navigating a path through a weird-smelling ocean of middle-schoolers, Thelma set a course for her dad’s antique shop.

Mr. Henry Bee was the proud proprietor of Bee’s Very Unusual Antiques – which was, in Thelma’s opinion, a bit of false advertising. Sometimes they sold items that were quite ordinary, like an old chipped mug, and sometimes they sold things that were not antique at all,like Mrs. Edelstein’s homemade cookies. Maybe, she thought, the shop should be named something more like Bee’s Very Unusual Antiques and Also Some Very Normal Antiques and Also Cookies.

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