Pitch Madness # B-19 YA Fantasy: SWEET AMBROSIA

# B-19: YA Fantasy: SWEET AMBROSIA

Ambrosia Wyne: half-nymph, all-nerd…destroyer of Mount Olympus?  It was a Really. Bad. Day.

You know it’s going to be a bad day on Olympus when you wake up next to a naked butt you didn’t go to sleep with.
This butt, I’m embarrassed to say, was a nice tight one. It was as tan as the rest of the body and firm as a statue, even at rest, so the guy had to be immortal. His back looked pretty immortal too, with that little V right above the butt, and that ropey, muscle-y look on either side of the spine.
Beyond the rise of his shoulders, his wavy black hair was about a week in need of a barber. It was starting to curl down his neck over a gold chain that led to a pendant, which had migrated halfway under his pillow.
Gold pendant. With an engraved profile on it.
Oh gods. I’d have known that profile anywhere.
If my yelp didn’t wake the sleeping nudist, my scrambling off the bed did.

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