Pitch Madness # B-13 YA Mystery: SCAVENGER HUNT

# B-13: YA Mystery: SCAVENGER HUNT

Seventeen year old comic book geek Marcus Reed’s life depends of solving a decades old scavenger hunt with clues hidden in old comic books.

I once tried to figure out how much I’ve spent on comic books since I started collecting years ago and came up with a figure that would make even Bill Gates freak. 

I made sure my parents never saw the sheet of calculations.

It started innocently enough.  I’d switched schools in fourth grade, and sitting alone at lunchtime with new kid stink all over me, I’d noticed a few kids trading comics back and forth.  Desperate for friends, I jumped in hip deep and went to the local mini-mart right after school to blow my allowance on some. Not knowing what I was looking for, I ended up with some vampire crap for girls, a few for kids in diapers, and some Japanese Manga that I didn’t understand even though it was in English.  I found out later you need to read it backwards.   

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