No Whimps Allowed Sausage Chile Con Queso for the Blog Party BBQ!

Okay, KarenG is having a Blog Party BBQ at her blog over here; Go there and meet a whole bunch of awesome writers to friend. I’ll be stopping by a satchel of them myself if not all this weekend.

And here’s my easiest recipe you’ll ever find, okay maybe just the best darn recipe you’ll ever find, alright how about a pretty good recipe you’ll ever find for Sausage Chile Con Queso:

  1. Fry up one package of sausage (spicy hot is better) (or tofu sausage for you town folk or any other kind of meat you have a hankering for) dump it, grease and all, into a crock pot (or you sissies can dab the grease away–whatever).
  2. Now cutΒ  a whole block of Velveta cheese into cubes and dump that in there too.
  3. Then you open a can of mushroom soup and slop that in there as well.
  4. Dump a whole can of petite stewed tomatoes into it.
  5. Okay, this might be a tough one, I know cuz I was back East and couldn’t find any chile, so we might have to compromise on this one. Go into your grocer’s frozen section and get a package of Bueno Autumn Roasted Green Chile (or any kind you can find, canned or a salsa–make sure it is hot–okay medium or mild for you whimps.) put that in the crock too.
  6. Turn on high until cheese is melted and then stir and put on low. You can add some shredded white cheese if you want a more sophisticated taste. At this point, it is ready to serve from the crock pot, or for you fancy schmancies, a crystal bowl. Serve with tortilla chips. Keep reserves in crock pot on low.Β 

That’s all there is to it. Now check out my blog about Parallelism or parallel parking or some jibber-jabber below. Hasta Luego, Amigos!

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