New Year’s Resolution — NOT!

Today’s coffee is Starbuck’s Christmas blend, which my son gave my husband and I for Christmas.  Of course, I’ve added lots of creamer (which I can’t stop doing).  The thought of which makes me think of New Year’s resolutions.

Every year I’ve tried to make a New Year’s resolution, but have failed in my attempts to follow it.  This year I’ve decided to forgo a resolution for a better solution.  I made a promise to myself three months ago that I would walk more, and I’ve kept that promise with the help of my walking buddy.  I had thought I would wait and make this promise on New Year’s, but I decided that I would do it right away instead of waiting.

I have always said: I’ll start on Monday or I’ll start at the beginning of the month, or I’ll start with the New Year.  This thinking has never worked in the past, so I’ve decided I would not make any promises for the future.  Instead, I wake up each morning and think today I’m going to walk, eat right, and tackle this and that. It’s amazing how liberating it is not to have the dark cloud of a resolution or promise looming over your head.  I believe this new way of thinking will actually work.  Cause if I mess up one day, there’s always the next day for me to do better, instead of waiting a whole year for a new resolution.

Here’s to everyone’s success for the new day.  That’s it.  Slurp!

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