Mentoring by Guest Blogger Kayla Ashmore

Well, I don’t drink coffee because I’m only fifteen, but my Auntie Brenda is lounging nearby and sipping her first cup of coffee in a week.  It’s her usual Starbuck’s with French vanilla she says.  She asked me to do a blog entry for her today and also to answer her emails.  Auntie had PRK surgery on her eyes on January 11th.  It was real rough watching her in pain for the first few days and now she is slowly gaining back her sight. Anyway, I decided to have my topic be on mentoring.

Since I can remember, Auntie has always read and write.  She’d watch me and my sister over the summers because my parrents worked.  We’d spend our time in libraries and book stores.  She’d read books with us and then help us make up stories.  It is because of her encouragement and mentoring that I’m an avid reader.  I don’t know if I’m a writer though I just can’t seem to think up things like she can.  I do know that I read Twilight in four hours and I can read several books a week.  Auntie quizzes me after I read and says I’m amazing since I can remember the details to the books I read so fast.  She thinks I should be an agent.  I like to tell her and my friends which books are great, which are just okay, and which are bad.

Wherever Auntie goes there is a trail of girls behind her who have learned something or another from her.  Whether it is reading (me), writing (her granddaughter), cooking (my sister), or simply the gift of her love (a whole bunch of girls in need and her family too), Auntie is a great mentor.

If every adult took in a child to mentor, the world would be a better place.  My Auntie says to say that’s it and slurp.  She can be so wierd sometimes too!  LOL


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