Meet the Literary Author Cupid Team for PitMatch … with instructions.


Are you ready to find your literary match? Join us February 11th between 1PM and 4PM EST for a fun Twitter pitch event. What do you have to do to participate? It’s simple.

Agents and editors post their wishlists on the Twitter hashtag #MSWL.

Writers seeking representation and/or publication post their Twitter pitches on #PitMatch. Only post once per manuscript. All categories and genres are welcome! The pitch should be like the ones we use for #PitMad. Need to know how to do a Twitter pitch? Check out this page here for information.

Two teams of literary cupids–one author team and one literary professionals team–will search both hashtags and tag the writer and literary professional if they find a match along with the hashtag #PitMatchArrow. Each match–request–they create will be worth one point and posted on the @PitMatch scoreboard.


Follow along on #PitMatch, #PitMatchArrow, and #PitMatchPoint to follow all the fun.


Meet the cupids that will be joining me on the author team …


Veronica Bartles

Veronica Bartles – @vbartles


K.T. Hanna

K.T. Hanna – @KTHanna


laura tims!

Laura Tims – @lauratims


Lynnette Labelle

Lynnette Labelle – @LynnetteLabelle


Trisha Leaver

Trisha Leaver – @tleaver


Stacey Trombley

Stacey Trombley – @Trombolii


Natasha Raulerson

Natasha Raulerson – @RaulersonWrites


Mary Ann Marlowe


Mary Ann Marlowe – @maryannmarlowe


Jeanmarie Anaya

Jeanmarie Anaya – @jeanmarieanaya


Fiona McLaren

Fiona McLaren – @BookOmnivore


Laura Heffernan

Laura Heffernan – @LH_Writes


Rebecca Sky

Rebecca Sky – @RebeccaSky


Margarita Montimore

Margarita Montimore – @damiella

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And they all worked happily ever after together (we hope)!

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