March Madness Agent Pitch Match. Game on. – The Rules of the Game

Okay, we know, March Madness is about basketball, and our intention was to make it like the game, but we couldn’t come up with a fun twist to it. So we made up our own March Madness with a poker theme.

And here’s how it’s going down…

On March 12 at precisely 8AM EST, the entries will post on our blogs. The agents will have until March 14 at exactly 12PM EST to read the entries and “show” their hands in the comments. The comments will be closed so no one will see the bids until we release them. The highest hand wins their request. It will all play out on the blogs and on the twitter hash-tag #PitchMadness.

What happens with ties, you ask? Well, that’s where it gets tricky!

While playing their hands in the first round the agents will save some of their hands to use during the next round. This is where they must come up with a strategy on what hands to keep in case of a tie. Will the agents save their highest hands and start off bidding low, and then slam their opponents in the challenge round? Will they use their trump hands to shut out the other agents and hope someone else doesn’t use it on the same entry and cancel it out? Hmm…should be interesting.

Tying agents move onto THE CHALLENGE round, which starts after the reveal. We’ll announce the tying requests on the hash-tag #PitchMadness. Tying agents will then go to the entry post and “show” their new hands in the comments. Each challenge will continue until there is a winner or until all but one player busts (runs out of hands) for that request.
And here are the agents’ “hands”…


Please note: only one request per agent for each entry, unless you are in The Challenge Round.

The fun starts March 12th so come on back and see who made it into March Madness Agent Pitch Match!


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