March Madness Agent Pitch Match. Game on. – The Details

Submission time for the exciting March Madness Agent Pitch Match (Phew. That’s a twister) is fast approaching. Shelley Watters, Cassandra Marshall, and I are hosting this exciting event on our sites March 12-14. Check out my partners-in-crime sites in my sidebar. So far we have half a dozen agents signed up to participate. The agents we have are looking for young adult and middle grade finished manuscripts.
Here’s how it’s going down …
The agents will be bidding on your 35-word pitch and first 150 words of your finished young adult and middle grade novels. The entries that make it into the match will be posted to our sites on March 12. The agents will have two days to review the entries and make notes on the ones they want. 

On March 14 it’s Game On. We’ll have a twitter hash tag for the agents to post their bids and taunt their competitors. The agents will be hashing it out to win more pages or fulls on their favorite pitches. Each agent will have a limited amount of tickets/chips to bid with – partials cost less while fulls cost more. We’ll have an official rules post before the fun begins.
Here’s how to submit …
Those of you who participated in our February pitch workshop already have a spot in the submission round. Shine up your pitches and send them to starting now and by the end of February 29 at 11:59PM EST. Put who critiqued your pitch in the subject line like this: Brenda’s Workshop March Madness Entry or Shelley’s Workshop March Madness Entry or Cassandra’s Workshop March Madness Entry. Remember only enter if yours is a young adult or middle grade finished manuscript. Please format just as you did for the pitch workshop. (For those of you with other manuscripts, we’re working on having a contest for you in the near future so keep an eye out on our blogs.)
It’s going to be like the show The Voice. We will pick from the others workshop entries to move on to the Agent Pitch Match. Only one entry per person.
For those who weren’t in the pitch workshop, we will have two submission times on March 2.
1ST SUBMISSION TIME: 12:00 pm EST for the first 50.
2ND SUBMISSION TIME: 6:00 pm EST for the next 50. 
Only the best of the best will make it to the final round.
Make sure to check our sites on March 1 for instructions on how to format your entries.
That’s it. I’m so excited!


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