March Madness Agent Pitch Match. Game on. – The Agents Part I

While we’re busy reading the entries for the March Madness Agent Pitch Match, we thought we’d introduce our fantabulous agents competing for the best of the best entries that make into the final round.
And here are the first five agents …
John M Cusick
John is a literary agent looking for Children’s, Middle Grade, and Young Adult fiction. He’s also an author. I’ve just finished reading his YA novel, Girl Parts and LOVED IT. Also, check out his short story Abandon Changes. If he wasn’t busy enough, John is also the managing editor for Armchair/Shotgun , a biannual journal that publishes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

 Sarah LaPolla

Sarah represents both adult and YA fiction. For adult books, she is looking for literary fiction, urban fantasy, magical realism, and short story. On the YA side, she welcomes literary fiction, science fiction, urban fantasy, magical realism, romantic comedy, and mystery. She also has a keen interest in voice-driven stories, strong female protagonists, and complex characters.

 Sara Sciuto
Sara is actively building her list with a focus on middle grade and young adult, in particular, dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, and unique paranormal. She also enjoys contemporary stories with a strong, authentic voice (but no chick-lit, please). She has a particular soft spot for anything in the Deep South (sweet contemporary to dark paranormal), gritty contemporary, utilitarian dystopias or dystopian thrillers, anything with international locales or period settings (think flappers or “Mad Men”), and anything with artistic themes. Sara is also looking for standout picture books and select nonfiction.

Lauren Hammond
Lauren only represents Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Adult Romance authors. She’s looking for YA(any genre), MG(any genre),Contemporary Romances, Historical Romances, and anything edgy and dark. She doesn’t want or need anymore Paranormal/Romances.(Unless you have horror as a sub-genre and in that case she’ll make an exception.) She would like to see some YA or MG horror novels cross my desk. The creepier, the better. She’s also looking for edgy contemporaries and swoon-worthy romances. If you’ve written a New Adult novel ( in any of the genres listed above), she will consider that as well. Lauren is also an author – Check out her books here.

Molly Ker Hawn
She’s looking for young adult and middle grade fiction that’s inventive, well-crafted, and rich with emotion, whether contemporary, historical, fantasy, sf, thriller, romance, or mystery. Her favorite books have characters she wish she could talk to in worlds she wish she could visit, and she loves stories that grab hold of her and keep her up reading long into the night.
Don’t forget to come back Wednesday for The Agents Part II!


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