It’s too Bleeping Cold!

Okay, seriously, it’s like twelve degrees out this morning, and I’m not leaving the house, so I’m having a home brewed cup of Starbuck’s coffee with French vanilla creamer. It actually snowed yesterday in Albuquerque. I love and miss the snow, I would have run out and rolled around in it, but I didn’t want to puncture my butt with cactus needles. Ah, missed opportunities . . .

So this made me think, what’s the temperature in your book? Do you even address it? Hum? There’s so much to bring to life in novels that I think I’ll take a looksy at mine and see if my characters are cold, hot, or whatever. I know it rains a lot in my book, well, they are in Boston, after all. But do my characters feel the rain, smell what the wetness causes, or do I simply mention it? I fear the latter, so off I go to check it out, again. 

Okay, I’m back and I think I’m good. Anyway, my favorite books make me feel like I’m in the environment the characters are in, I’m in their heads, thinking what they think. Heck, I’m even tasting the coffee they drink. With that said, I guess that’s it. Slurp!

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