Introducing Team Brenda …and an agent twitter pitch party

The Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch
(Twitter hashtag: #WVTP)
You know how much we love you? Well, we have the amazingly sexy, talented agent, John M. Cusick of Scott Treimel NY , and the beautiful, and equally talented agent, Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management, throwing a twitter pitch party on the hashtag #WVTP on May 24 from 12PM until 6PM EDT. Yeah. We love you that much!
Here’s the rules…
Pitch your finished manuscript on the hashtag. Make sure your pitch includes the hashtag #WVTP. The agents will be hopping in and out of the feed during the party hours. John and Vickie will tweet their requests for the manuscripts that pique their interests. Simple. Right? Not if they both make a request on the same pitch, it isn’t. 
Keeping in the spirit of The Writer’s Voice, if they both request the same pitch, you must choose one of them and announce it in the feed. (They promised not to hold any rejections against you.) 
And, one more thing, we may have other agents joining in the twitter pitch frenzy. 
So get your Twitter pitches ready, and make sure to include the hashtag. 
Here’s a sample twitter pitch from my upcoming novel, LIBRARY JUMPERS (Month9Books 2014). It’s exactly 140 characters.

Yanked into a gateway book linking the great libraries, Gia finds that she’s a long lost knight & must now fight to stop an apocalypse #WVTP
And follow the agents on Twitter…

And now announcing Team Brenda competing in The Writer’s Voice starting May 17th-21st…
Created by Jamie Corrigan
1) Robyn Lucas and her middle grade contemporary novel, Kids, Inc. – When their school project goes terribly wrong, Anna and Chris accidentally create a product that can make the yuckiest foods taste like cupcakes.  ~ She had me at cupcakes.
2) Jamie Grey and her young adult historical fantasy, Time BoundWhere a young girl thinks spending her summer with her grandmother in Japan will be boring until she meets a local boy and things get kind of crazy. ~ Japan. Girl. Boy. Romance. Magic. What’s not to love? 
3) Jamie Corrigan and her young adult paranormal romance, Spark – When a clique of dark mysterious girls accept Taise into her group their friendship comes at price. ~ This one reminded me of The Craft, which hooked me right away.
4) L.L. McKinney and her/his (I’m not sure) young adult urban fantasy, Coveted – Caleb is the Source of Life and the target for The Seven Deadly Sins. ~ Hello! Voice and premise – totally pulled me in!
5) Adrien-Luc Sanders and his young adult post-apocalyptic science fiction, SUBHUMANKensington wakes up after six years and finds the world has changed and so has she–and she ain’t human anymore. ~ The story sounds scary, thrilling, awesome, and aMAZing.
6) Jenny  Kaczorowski, and her young adult urban fantasy, THE ALTERAEEmma can sense people’s emotions, except for the emotions of a mysterious boy who comes into her life after her best friends’ death. ~ The first pages of this one sucked me right in!
7) Holly Cagney and her young adult contemporary, Winning Back the Loser – Lulu is kicked out of public school and has to go to Catholic school and confronts her past sins. ~ I love a coming-to-your-senses-and-repenting story, especially when the bad girl has to win back the boy she did wrong. Plus I had to fight Cupid for this one, and I won!
8) Alexandra Hayman, and her young adult thriller, Mad as a Hatter – Emil had escaped Wonderland when he was younger, so when a serial killer leaves notes quoting Alice in Wonderland he knows it’s the Mad Hatter. ~ This reimagining sounds deliciously dark and scary.
9) Noelle Pierce, and her paranormal romance,  Lightstorm – Irina is a fifth element and must save man kind along with her stubborn (and I hope hot) guardian. – I enjoy my romance with a dash of paranormal, and I bet these elementals will sizzle.
10) Rebecca Coffindaffer, and her young adult urban fantasy, Peculiar Dark – It’s sort of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with 60% magic and 0% vampires. ~Nuff said. Okay, just a little something, the voice in the query pulled me right in.
Alt) Tina Hatch, and her young adult dystopian, Plugged In – Misty and Berek leave the confines of the Biosphere to find a way to destroy the self-aware computers running their home. ~ It’s part Terminator, part Logan’s Run, and part City of Embers. Anyway, LOVE it and wish it could be #11 instead of an alternate.
So that’s the team. Awesome, right? Love each and every one of them. I hope someday to see them published. 


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