I Feel Like the Six Million Dollar Man or Bionic Woman (whichever had the bionic eye)

Okay, today I went to Starbucks with my walking buddy and had a skinny Carmel latte (yummy).

First off, I want to thank my wonderful niece, Kayla, for guest blogging last week.

We can rebuild him, we have the technology . . .  (from Six Million Dollar Man intro).  That’s how I feel about my eyes right about now–they can rebuild them, they do have the technology.

This week has been a wonderful week after two weeks of recovering from PRK laser surgery on my eyes. I can’t do anything easy.  You see, the majority of people can have a simple Lasik procedure that heals within a few hours and enables them to see perfectly by the next morning.  Not me.  I had to have the more difficult one.  My sister (Kayla’s mother) got to have the easier procedure and it was exciting when she could see the moment the procedure was done.

With Lasik, they simply cut a flap in the top layer of the cornea, laser the eye, and replace the flap.  With PRK, they remove the top layer of the cornea, laser the eye, and then place a contact band-aid over the eye.  Well, that night right after I had the PRK procedure was awful (I can’t lie), the next was bearable, and the following day was better.  On Friday, they took those uncomfortable band-aids out of my eyes and by Saturday, I could go into the light. Finally, today I can see pretty darn good.  Of course, I still can’t read street signs from faraway, but my eyes will only get better (that’s what the doc said anyway).

Now, about the doctor and staff that gave me my brand new bionic eyes.  They were simply wonderful, caring, and kind.  Their attitude was positive and I felt comfortable in their very capable hands.  If you’re in Albuquerque or in Sacramento or San Francisco you should so absolutely get this done by Dr. Newman (to top it off, his personality is as cute as he is).  They have financing and it’s such a quick procedure.  Both Lasik and PRK cost the same and is done in like two minutes.  Check out the video link below for an interview with Dr. Newman.

Here’s their websites: In Albuquerque: www.newmanlasikabq.com
                                 In California: www.newmanlasik.com

On the Albuquerque site you can view his fun commercials (which I never saw before the procedure because we don’t watch commercials at home).

So, that’s why I feel like the Six Million Dollar Bionic Woman.  That’s it.  Slurp!


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