How to Craft a Book Pitch with Nikki Roberti


Whether you’ve been involved in a pitch contest like Pitch Wars and #PitMad, or you’ve been knee deep in the query trenches with your shiny, polished manuscript– you’re familiar with the importance of “the pitch.” It’s something a lot of us writers struggle with after we’ve spent so long writing many words on a page, but it’s vital in propelling your author career forward.

During my time in Pitch Wars, I learned a ton about crafting a pitch that grabs the eye of an agent. In fact, I think it was my 50-word pitch and first 250-word excerpt that my mentor and I revised the most times (you can read it here). So, because the year is full of many awesome pitching contests and because querying will always require those stakes that agents can’t wait to bite into, I’ve created a vlog for Whiskey, Wine, & Writing with some tips on how to craft your pitch (that I honestly learned the hard way).

Also, if you’re going to the RT Convention this year, you’re in for a treat. Brenda will be doing a panel on crafting pitches with Louise Fury of The Bent Agency, Liz Pelletier of Entangled Publishing, and author Casey Crow (and if you click here, you can submit your pitch to possibly be critiqued at the event!).  If you won’t be able to attend this year’s convention or if you’re just so excited you want a taste of Brenda’s awesome pitch advice, here’s an older episode of Whiskey, Wine, & Writing where Brenda shared her wisdom live with all of us and also helped workshop real author pitches.

Happy pitching, y’all!

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