Happy Holidays and I’ll see you in the New Year!


I can’t believe how fast the year has passed. Thank you for making it a wonderful 2014! As I head off for a much needed holiday break, I wanted remind you that I had wonderful perseverance stories shared by some amazing authors during the holiday guest posts. Many success interviews have posted since closing Pitch Wars. I’m so thrilled for the writers who have made agent matches, and I’m sure we’ll have more to come in the New Year.  Also, there’s a query and first page workshop happening in January with Chimera Editing. You can find all the details here. And Pitch Madness is fast approaching, too!

In thinking about perseverance, I reflect on my struggles through the years. My son had cancer when he was five, then it was my turn to suffer it, and then my husband had skin cancer. I’ve almost lost my oldest son during childbirth, I’ve had a miscarriage,  I’ve suffered divorce, and mourned the passing of my grandparents. I had to part ways with an agent and a publisher. This time last year, things looked bleak, but during those dark times, there was much laughter and celebrations. We added to our family, we all are cancer free, I found a new agent who gave me renew faith in my abilities, and became an Entangled Publishing author. I’m in such a great place, and I have so many friends, family, and the writing community to thank for holding me up during the bad times and making me laugh through the pain. 2015 promises to be a great year!


What I wish to pass on is that we all have hard times, we all get knocked down, but there is always a new day dawning full of hope and possibilities. Reach out to those in need, pick someone up from the gutter of despair. You never know how your actions can affect someone. An act of kindness can give someone hope. A borrowed ear can let someone release their fears. And a hug can make someone feel wanted.


Thank you for being here for me, thank you for all your acts of kindness this past year, for all your support, and for joining me in this crazy journey we’ve all chosen to take.  I wouldn’t want to take it without all of you. And remember, there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

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