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Here is a snippet of my novel LIBRARY JUMPERS. Can you guess what Gia looks like?



Come back tomorrow to see a picture of what Gia looks like and see if you guessed right!  

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  • I’m assuming Gia is the one speaking in the first person. We have established she has her hair tied in a ponytail, and doesn’t wear makeup. That makes me think of her as the tomboyish girl-next-door. She didn’t like the skirt, so she normally wears jeans and T-shirts. I see her with a slim, boyish figure, almost pixie-like in daintiness. And I’ll go for blonde hair. Ever sensible, she only ever wears sneakers or flats.

  • Hi,

    Like J.C. I’m guessing ponytail, dark hair, blue eyes, olive skin, cowboy boots, jeans, T-shirt and denim waistcoat.

  • Tomboy, athletic, not very tall, attractive in a gamine kind of way, piercing blue eyes, tanned skin,casual attire…Will come back tomo to check how she looks 🙂

  • Imagining a younger Jessica Alba (brunette version) for some random reason… man alive! i’m bad at these… tom-boyish, could reconstruct your motorcycle engine, and you do NOT want to piss her off.

  • shoulder length light brown hair, slender, oval face with high cheekbones. Hazel eyes.

  • Jen

    This piece rocked! Thanks for joining in on the fun I already wanna know what she looks like!!! I should have cheated… I mean it’s my blog fest I can do what I want!! LOL

    My Guess: She has wavy thin light brown hair that go just past her shoulder blade, pale green eyes, soft pink lips, perfect tan, small and petite figure. She is your natural beauty, chapstick is always enough, lipgloss = overkill.

    I’m excited to see how far off I am, LOL.

  • Dark blond hair, shoulder length, cut blunt. On the tall side, green eyes. Swings her shoulders when she walks, more like a young boy.

    I’m intrigued by the disapperaing guy. Got me hooked!

  • First — LOVE your blog layout! Second — LOVE this excerpt. Sister scenes are some of my faves; the dynamic between siblings is always interesting.

    I pictured Gia with long, straight brown hair and bangs cut straight across. She’s medium height and thin as a stick — no curves to speak of and absolutely no chest. She’s girl-next-door pretty, though she doesn’t see herself that way.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • root beer lipsmacker – yum! (just sayin)

    Well, she’s got a ponytail and a swirly skirt she hates. He’s definitely more of a worn-out jeans kind of girl. Brownish hair. Maybe glasses (that Afton would insist she trade in for contacts). Gray eyes. She’s reasonably fit, but does nothing to play up her femininity. I get a girl-next door kind of vibe here. The one who can run out at a moments notice to a movie or grab pizza. Sells herself short more often than not.

  • She’s got long auburn hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and freckles. She’s athletic and likes to wear sweats and sneakers.

  • I think Gia has dyed black hair with a fringe. Doesn’t take too much time with her appearance, obviously. I think she has blue eyes, and is quite short. I picture her wearing something purple, maybe with a denim or leather jacket over the top. Flat shoes.

  • Dark hair, olive skin, and amber eyes. I really liked this snippet! Girls got attitude:)

  • She reminds me of a musician’s understated girlfriend, for some reason. The girl on the side of the stage with dirty blonde hair, jeans and a plain tee. She doesn’t fuss over herself, but that’s why the guys like her. She’s simple and beautiful, though she doesn’t see herself that way.

  • All right, I know she’s wearing a ponytail right now, but I’m imagining auburn hair, full of waves and natural curl. She’d rather be dressed in a t-shirt and her favorite jeans; she’s slender and athletic.

  • Hi Brenda! I’m thinking that she has long, thick blonde hair, curves to kill for and a beautiful heart-shaped face. She feels lovely enough to not care for makeup!!! 🙂

  • Brenda this was so good! I am guessing long dark hair and pale blue eyes. Great snippet!

  • Oh, wow, I LOVE this. I can already tell I’ll like this story, and Gia’s voice is perfect! I’m picturing her as tall, with long blond hair that’s always in a messy ponytail. She never wears makeup, but she’s got green eyes and a heart-shaped face. Can’t wait for the reveal!

  • Loved the excerpt and I love the idea of Library Jumpers! Also, Root Beer Lipsmacker always counts!

    But I see a girl who wears really cute glasses that cover hazel eyes and has curly brown hair. She doesn’t like to dress up, but looks really pretty when she does. She’s a medium build and has a big shoe size.

  • Gia’s hair I would wager is blonde. In a ponytail of course. Since Afton insisted she wear a whirly skirt, I feel her legs are attractive, and Afton thought Gia should show them off.

    I get an atheletic feel to her. She is intelligent, outgoing with girls, shy with guys.

    I get the feeling Afton would say she has a pretty face and shape to boot. That’s all the Sherlock Holmes I can be.

  • I’m excited to come back tomorrow and see what’s she is like. I am just stuck.

  • hi miss brenda! i think she had honey brown hair in that pony tail and it kinda not neat and shes got real dark brown eyes. shes got a pretty face but doesnt care about all that make up stuff. mostly she like to wear stuff that now real girly cause it comfortable but if she need to she could dress up.
    …smiles from lenny

  • I am feeling tomboy here. She has her own style and a little socially off. Nice shape. Maybe flat chested athletic build?

  • Plain maybe tomboyish. Long, sandy, blonde hair and brown eyes. Lean, tall frame.
    Can’t wait to see. 🙂

  • Okay, I thought about it, I think she may be medium height with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s not shapely, but she’s still pretty. And, she has a few soft freckles over her nose.

  • Long med. brown hair in the ponytail, kinda messy, with some tendrils hanging. She’s the kind of girl who goes for the bad boy, so she’s not all prim and proper herself, even though her sister is obviously trying to make her be that way.

  • I LOVED the last line. Totally gave me a huge grin. I see Gia as a girl most comfortable, when she is comfortably dressed. She has dirty blonde hair and hazel or maybe gray eyes. She’s slender but not skinny and she’s semi-athletic. I can’t wait until tomorrow!!

  • Blond! Blue eyes, low pony tail! =) Great snippet!

  • I see Gia as a low maintenance teen who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or go to crazy lengths with her hair. She’s not a tomboy, but she prefers comfort over fashion. She has light brown hair, golden hazel eyes, and a cute girl-next-door smile. She’s tall and athletically built, like she might be a track runner.

  • I picture Gia to be a tallish woman with wavy blonde hair and big brown eyes with a slim build.

    But I know I’m terrible at these things… xD

  • I loved the sass in this!

    I see Gia as pretty in a kind of unassuming way. Drak hair pulled back, medium build, dark eyes. I like her!

  • Wow, that’s a great snippet for developing character! She’s not into primping herself, the rootbeer loss says she’s still coming out of her tweens, she’s insecure about the whole guy thing but definitely curious.

    I’m going to say a young Zoe Saldana still in the awkward stage before she turned gorgeous.

  • OOh nice! I’m guessing short brown pixie cut and pretty light eyes.

  • Nice snippet, totally love the dialogue. I’m going to say she’s a brunette, lovely brown eyes and pretty athletic. Also she’s pretty cool, a little snark is good. ;))

    Now let me check the reveal!! I purposely didn’t look until after I posted this.

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