The Great Pitch Wars Mentor Search … extra mentor applications up for grabs!

Turkey day

The Great Pitch Wars Mentor Search is on! Mentor bios and wish lists went up on all of the mentors’ blogs yesterday (see the linky list below) and Pitch Wars contestants are already pulling out their hair stressing out trying to narrow down the mentor choices to that magical number 4.

 Brenda and I have been watching the #PitchWars feed on Twitter, and we’ve noticed several of you talking about how you wished you could submit to just one more mentor, because narrowing the list down from your top five choices is sheer torture. And as fun as it is to watch you suffer because we love you and hate to see you suffering, we’ve decided to give some of you a break.

Hidden within the mentor’s wish list blog posts, you’ll find a series of secret words and letters (some of the longer words may be broken up and spread between two or more blogs). Find all of the words and unscramble them to find the line from one of our favorite picture books by a very famous children’s author. (Hint #1: the book was inspired by a real location in the author’s hometown.) Once you have unscrambled the quote, email your answer to with the subject line: PITCH WARS MENTOR BLOG HOP CONTEST. Have your entry in by November 30 at 10PM EST. On December 1st we will put all of the correct entries into a virtual hat and randomly choose FIVE winners. The winner gets to submit an extra mentor application for Pitch Wars, when the submission window opens on December 2nd. (In other words, he/she can submit to 5 mentors instead of just 4).

Hint #2 -Fill in the blanks:  _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _    _    _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _    _ _ _   c  a n   _ _ _ _,  _ _ _ _    _    _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _    _ _ _    _ _    _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   

_ _ _ _ _ _.

Although you are not required to follow any of our fabulous mentor’s blogs in order to enter the contest, it might be nice to show them some love by clicking those little “follow” links.

If you’re really stumped, there’s a link to an extra clue (and our stories about why this picture book is so special to us) hidden on one of the “Glad Someone Read to Me” stories on the #GSRtM Tumblr:

Happy hunting!

Veronica Bartles



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