Giveaways Galore, Part 2!

Remember the “Crits from Rae” contest I put on during Pitch Wars?

I don’t know about you guys, but I had fun doing it. Thus, from now on, I will be doing query (and pages!) critique giveaways on the 15th of every month! First round of pitching starts TOMORROW, January 14th!

How It Works

1- You don’t have to follow my blog or me on Twitter. (Would I like it? Yes. Will I check? No.) This is open to anyone with a completed manuscript, regardless of category or genre.

2- Post your pitch to me on the hashtag #CritsfromRae on the 14th of each month between 12 am EST and 11:59 EST. Yes, you have an entire 24 hour block to Twitter-pitch.

3- I will pick one or two people to receive a free query critique from me. (If it sounds super interesting — and if I have time — I will throw in a full chapter critique, too!)

4- The winner(s) will be posted on my blog:

5- I will send the winner(s) instructions on what to do next. ALL critiques will be completed within a week. Cross my heart.

My Disclaimers


1- I’m biased. I’m a human being. If I write something on your pitch/ms/submission, it is an observation/opinion from my perspective. It is not some universal truth that must be obeyed. Take my suggestions — and ANY suggestions you get — with a grain of salt. I do not know you. I do not know your story. I am a fresh set of eyes. (Those eyes just happen to have taken a few editing and writing classes. Also, I work for 1) an author and 2) four writing professors.)

2- I am not conspiring with anyone to steer you wrong, but I am not a genie that can instantly get you an agent. Manage your expectations, please.

3- I will not share your critique with anyone.

4- I am brutally honest. I am also not a monster — unless it is before 11 am. Seriously, I am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am not going to beat around the bush. I’ve had to take my share of criticism, and I will have to take much more in the future. We all will. We deal with it. We go on. Please don’t fly into a rage and flame me or anyone I care about. (This goes for ANY criticism you receive from ANYONE. Even if you hate the advice, you say “thank you for your time” and move on.)

5- Querying is serious business, yes, but don’t let it drive you to do anything you will regret.

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