February Workshop…Need help getting your love scene on?

We’re heading into the most romantic month of the year, so what better time to hold a love scene workshop, right? Do you need help getting your love scene on? Well, I have some very talented friends to help you amp up the steam.

Here’s how it’s going down …

Love scenes can be in any category and genre. Yes, middle grade, too, especially upper middle grade. In some middle grades there can be a budding relationship and ‘love’ scenes may be more about the characters not sure what’s happening with those hormones that have been dormant but are awakening as they approach puberty. Think more of a friendship confusion thing. YA, NA, and Adult, well, anything goes as long as it’s PG13.

Yes, we’re keeping this PG13 people, so stop before you get to 3rd base. The scenes are limited to 300 words max. It can be any love scene in your manuscript that you want a critique on. We’ll take 35 entries. Critiques will go live February 12-28

Sign up on the linky below for a chance to win a spot in the workshop from January 14 to January 20. We’ll post more information about formatting when we post the winners on January 20.

Here are the critiquers on the Love Squad

Mandy Schoen 
Editor for Swoon Romance
 My Photo

Danielle DeVor
Don‘t let the entries number scare you. Each person can enter many times. And there is a free one (where you don’t have to do anything but sign up) You have several options for many entries into the drawing, but you’re only required to do the free one.  
Five lucky entries will be chosen to have a free pass into the first round for PITCH MADNESS coming in March. 
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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