Cover Art Contest Semi-Finalists … please vote

This has been such a fun blogfest contest! I thoroughly enjoyed the cover art you all created. As with all contests, it’s extremely difficult to pick winners from such a fantastic selection of cover art. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends/judges to help me out, or I’d just choose all the entries. I did find that just as reading preferences are subjective, so are visual preferences.  That said, there were several that we loved and that made us giggle, but they didn’t make the cut because of the book shape, or the wording was hard to read, or we didn’t know which cover the creator wanted to enter in the contest. So here are the semi-finalists. We chose eight, and now, it’s up to you all to choose the top three by Friday, June 24th.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

The winner will receive a professional cover art design by CA Marshall. Check out her new Cover Art Creation service here: CA Marshall Services. It can be used for many things, like relaunching a book, self-publishing, and if you’re not quite there yet, to put on your blog to showcase your fantabulous story.

Two runner ups will receive a $10 gift card from Amazon.

And just for participating, if you would like me (Brenda Drake) to critique a query letter or the first 250 words of your manuscript, please send me a Direct Message on Twitter:!/brendadrake

And here are the covers that made the cut.

  Sarah Billington


Lori M. Lee

  JW Parente

Michael Di Gesu


JC Martin

Ellie Garratt

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