Blogfest Contest! …with prizes from agent Weronika Janczuk

Hey guys, come join in on the fun for my It was a Dark and Stormy Blogfest Contest. The fabulous agent Weronika Janczuk from D4EO Literary Agency will be handing out prizes!
How we’re doing it:Β  Sign up on the linky below. On February 7 and 8, post the first line of your finished manuscript (any genre) on your blog to get critiques from your followers and then hop around to the other participants’ sites and give critiques. Polish your line and enter it into the comments of the contest post on February 9 like this:

Name: Brenda Drake
Title: Annika Britanika: Around the World in 80:45:07
Genre: MG Steampunk
Maximillian Drayson didn’t quite like girls, but he figured Annika Britanika was different.
Okay, that’s from a work in process and probably isn’t a great example, but you get the format, right? Great.

Now about the agent and prizes:

Weronika Janczuk

Weronika (pronounced ‘Veronica’) Janczuk is a writer and an agent with D4EO Literary.Β  She also writes YA, literary, and historical fiction, and blogs about it here. I’ll be posting an interview with Weronika here on the blog sometime before the contest so come back and check it out.

Prizes from Weronika:
1st place — a critique of the first 50 pages + query
2nd place — a critique of the first 25 pages + query
3rd place — a critique of the query

Weronika is definitely one of my favorite agents and she’s so generous! Follow her on twitter here.

I <3 my followers! Don’t forget to follow me – I’ll be doing drawings from my follower list and giving out some awesome gifts during my Birthday month of March (don’t bother asking my age). πŸ˜€

Before you leave, check out a new blog site that I contribute to on every other Monday. CA Marshall, agent intern, freelance editor, and writer extraordinaire has a great post up on revising today. A special editing prize will be drawn from the followers on the DNA WRITERS’ site on contest day so go and follow, you’d be glad you did!

Click here to follow and enter for the edit prize: DNA WRITERS


Okay, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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