Birthday Month Giveaway Madness…another giveaway and the party is over… for now

Well, it’s been a fun birthday month for me. I’m humbled and awed by all the wonderful writers in our community. I really enjoyed reading the comments this month and reading all the entries in the SHOW ME THE VOICE contest with the fantabulous agent Natalie Fischer. I have a few more contests in the works. One I hope at the end of the summer *crosses fingers* with an agent who is closed to submissions. That would be an awesome opportunity for you all to show your work to an agent who would not other wise see it. I’m busy hunting … um stalking…um begging, anyway, asking other agents to do contests, so I hope to have some more fun blogfest/contests soon.

CA Marshall

Also, I’m working on a live chat with CA Marshall, agent intern, freelance editor, author, extraordinaire. The chat will be all about answering your editing, and possibly, submission questions to Cassandra. Should be very informative and fun. Cassandra has a new editing site here . Go check out all the services she offers and there are some ala carte services that won’t break your piggy bank. Seriously, she’s an awesome editor and she’s taught me so much, I’m sure you won’t regret using her services.

I guess I should maybe get to the giveaway, right? Right.

And so, the final winner of my birthday month giveaway is …

Corrine O’Flynn check out her blog here .

Congratulations, Corrine! You’ve just won $50 toward a full edit OR a ten page manuscript critique and a four page synopsis critique from CA Marshall. Email me your email address at bdrake(at)comcast(dot)net and I’ll send you the gift certificate.

Well, that’s it, for now.

3 comments to Birthday Month Giveaway Madness…another giveaway and the party is over… for now

  • Thank you again Brenda and CA Marshall! I can’t wait to redeem this!! Awesome giveaways, and Happy Birthday to you.

  • Hey Brenda! Hope you had an awesome birthday month. You’re so lucky to share it with one of the best holidays of the year (St. Pat’s) and the advent of Spring (unless you live in the path of this Nor’easter).

    It’s been really cool getting to know you through your blogfests, contests, and our online workshop.

    I hope to keep chatting with you here and on Twitter, as we each follow our dreams!

  • Happy birthday month, one last time! It has been a blast and I hope you had as much fun as we did. You more than deserve it!

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