Bid on Pitch Wars Swag Auction Tonight!

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Emily Herring Dunn is the founder and creator of Writer’s Life Apparel, the clothing store catered to writers in need of comfortable inspiration. She is also a young adult author represented by Jessica Schmeidler at Golden Wheat Literary, and she is the Community Editor for Stark Contrast Editing.

Follow her on Twitter: @emily_hdunn




Hello wonderful Brenda Drake followers & Pitch Wars mentors, alumni, and hopefuls! I am way too excited to be sharing a little something-something on this fun space.

If you’ve been following all the Pitch Wars buzz on Twitter, you’ll know that #writerslifeapparel is selling all the swag! We have coffee mugs and shirts at the moment for your viewing/buying pleasure.

Which is why I’m here!

image1For the past month #writerslifeapparel has been a stand-alone website. However, due to a few changes and experimentation with this business idea, this has changed. All tops are being sold throughTeeSpring. Mugs are being sold through Etsy.

I realize that this can make things a bit dizzying, but not to worry! The #writerslifeapparel website is still up, so you can go there to view all of our products. If you land on one you like, rather than add it to your shopping cart- look for the “available for purchase” link included in the information. That link will take you directly to where you can purchase it, whether it’s TeeSpring or Etsy.

But wait, there’s MORE.

TONIGHT, August 2nd, #writerslifeapparel will be hosting an auction in honor of Pitch Wars. We have some extra logo tees that need good homes. This auction will be hosted on Twitter. The shirt will be posted and bidding will start at $10. The bidding will go from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. EST. SO, whoever is the last to bid the highest gets the shirt. While normally 30% of our profits go to Pitch Wars, 50% of these auction items will go to the fund!

Here’s another detail about that: shipping is free if the bidding goes above $15. If the bid remains below $15, you still have to pay $5 in shipping. Please keep this in mind when you bid! Also, the payments have to come through PayPal. Sadly, we cannot take cash or cards for this fun.

How do you bid, you ask? Simply tweet @writerslifeapp with your bid! We will send a message to the winner for the shipping info/paypal information. A little after that, you will receive a billing notification. Once we have received payment, you’ll receive your shipping/tracking info!

Here are #writerslifeapparel social media accounts/ shop links, just so you know:




Stand-Alone Site



Whoa. I realize that was a lot. Just make sure you’re following on Twitter so you can take part in the auction!

We hope those of you who have already supported Pitch Wars by making a purchase are enjoying your products! Remember to tag #writerslifeapparel on Twitter/IG/FB if you share a pic of your goodies!

May the odds be in your favor for Pitch Wars.

PS- You can watch me talk about #writerslifeapparel and Pitch Wars in an interview with the fabulous Nikki Roberti (you know, Brenda’s lovely assistant and amazing Pitch Wars Alumni/Mentor) HERE.

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