B4: YA Paranormal Romance: A RAVEN’S CRAVING

Ice Cream Cones


Age Category: Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 83,000


Wielding magic is amazing; it’s the addiction that bites. Raven’s fourth magic overdose lands her in rehab where two bewitching love interests pit her against herself, ultimately, forcing her to choose between love and freedom.

First 250 Word of Manuscript:

No one told me about the addiction—how it eats through the body, biting and burning every nerve until there’s nothing left, except insatiable-desire for magic.

Fluorescent lights poured heat and energy throughout the greenhouse. From my place among the pansies and petunias it seeped into my skin, causing sweat to drip from my brow. Aromas of sweet phlox and earthy lavender filled my nose. The ability to see outside was wanted, yet the blurry plastic walls provided necessary protection from suspicious eyes.

My long-haired calico cat, Magnus, wound his plump body around my legs and greeted me with a blend of purr and meow. Magnus enjoyed the greenhouse almost as much as I did. But, he wouldn’t in a few seconds.

“Go on, Mag Pie,” I said, nudging him away with one bare foot. “Or, you’ll be sorry.” As if he understood my warning, Magnus waddled toward the exit, flicking his tail. With moderate difficulty, he squeezed through the crack in the door just before the misting system hummed to life.

All around me, the air glistened with tiny specks of water and heat. I relished in the new floral perfumes. The mist thickened, quickly. Finally, hidden by the blurry walls and fog, I could use.

My hands sunk into the rich soil, embracing the sense of solace it provided. As vitality seeped through my skin, my fingertips numbed. White violets to my left, a bright red chenille bush to my right, popped up and sprung to life. What took Mother Nature months to achieve, I’d conquered in seconds, and I couldn’t stop there.


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