At First Sight Blogfest

Jacee Drake (no relation) is hosting the At First Sight Blogfest check out her blog site here and make sure to check out the other participants’ entries. Here’s what the blogfest challenge is in Jacee’s words – “post an entry describing in about 500 words the moment your MC meets someone of importance for the first time. Could be friend, lover, enemy, long-lost parent, sibling… whoever is important to them – at that point in their life – and the emotion and reaction to the encounter your MC goes through.

So here’s my entry … It’s at the point in my story when my protagonist comes face to face with my antagonist.


                                                                                                                                                             Oh, and if I haven’t said it enough times already, don’t forget to sign up for The Never-ending Scene Blogfest for a chance to win some critiques and edits from CA Marshall editor/agent intern/author. 

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