Announcing PITCH MADNESS submission windows!

We’re getting close! The window (yes, I said window) for Pitch Madness is March 15 from 6AM EST to 12PM EST. (All submissions sent before or after the window time slot will be deleted.) There will be no cut off number. Everyone who submits during the window will make it into the contest. You will receive a receipt, if you don’t, check with me here on the blog or on Twitter (@brendadrake). This is for completed fiction manuscripts. The categories are Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade. Any genres. The winners will not be notified before the agent round.

(For those of you not familiar with Pitch Madness, it’s a contest to pitch agents for representation of your work.) 

The email for submissions is brendadrakecontests@gmail.comdo not send before the submission window unless you won a free pass (see below). NO ATTACHMENTS – All pitches must be embedded in the email.

I was alerted about a site that will send scheduled emails if you can’t send during the submission windows. Check it out here:, and make sure to do a test run should you decide to use this method. 

Please format your entries like this …

Email subject line: Pitch Madness: TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT

Name: Your name
Genre: Genre/category of your manuscript (ie. YA Fantasy)
Word Count: Word count (round to the nearest 1000th)

Pitch: 35word (max) logline. Do not go over even one word over.

Excerpt: The first 250 words of your manuscript. If the 250th word falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of that sentence. Your pitch should be Times New Roman 12pt, single spaced, one space between paragraphs, no paragraph indentions. Make sure the formatting is done correctly.


For those of you who won free passes during PitMad and the Love Scene Workshop (you know who you are). You will automatically go into Round 2 of Pitch Madness. You get to bypass the slush. So please send in your entries with the instructions I emailed you starting today, but no later than March 14 at 10PM EST. Very important. If you miss this cut off, you will go into Round 1. This is only for free pass winners. If you don’t have a free pass, don’t follow these instructions. Free pass winners have a special subject line to enter Round 2. Make sure to use the instructions I emailed to you.

Want to win a free pass into Pitch Madness? Join or be a member of CPSeek, go to Contest Discussions, find my post for the free pass, and answer the question in the thread. You must be a member of CPSeek to win.

We have two free pass winners from “Can you guess which of Danielle DeVor’s critiques is mine?” contest! 

And the winners by are …

Nicole Zoltack
Brooks Benjamin 

Please email me at for instructions. 

PitMad Twitter Pitch Party! I’m going to throw one on March 28 from 8Am EST to 6Pm EST. I’m not sure what agents or publishers will show up for this, but we’ll see. It’ll be during the game reveal, so it will be tricky. I will be traveling on March 29 and cannot hold it that day. I hadn’t planned on a twitter pitch party this round since we had one recently. But what the heck, if you come, I’ll come, and if we build it, agents and publishers will come.

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