Announcing the 2016 Pitch Wars Mentors!

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We’re getting excited behind the scenes for our fifth Pitch Wars!

For those unfamiliar with Pitch Wars, it’s a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions on how to make the manuscript shine. The mentor also critiques his/her writer’s pitch to get it ready for the agent round. To do this, the mentors read all their applications and choose the writer they want to mentor for two months to get them ready for the agent round. Writers can pick up to four (4) mentors to submit to. Last year we had about fifty mentees sign with agents and some of those resulted in book deals. That’s not counting all the successes from Pitch Wars 2012, 2013 and 2014. We hope to have many more successes this year!

The August 3, 2016 submission window is fast approaching. We have our mentors all signed up and ready to go. This year I’ve added more mentors and increased the number for the middle grade and adult categories. There will be a longer agent showcase starting November 3 and ending on the 9th to give our agents more time to go through all the pitches. Each category will have their own showcase day. Here’s the agent showcase schedule for 2016 …

November 3 – 9: Agent Showcase

  • November 3: Adult and New Adult entries go up on my blog
  • November 4: MG entries go up on my blog
  • November 5: YA entries go up on my blog
  • November 9: Last day of Agent Showcase

I know there are a lot of names on this list, but I wanted as many writers as possible to have a chance to be mentored. To us the most important part of the contest is the mentoring phase. The agent showcase is the prize at the end. The wonderful Heather Cashman has separated the mentors by the categories they’ll be mentoring. Click on their names for the links to follow them on Twitter. There will be some valuable information being shared by the mentors on our hashtag #PitchWars. Come back for our Mentor Blog Hop to view our mentors’ bios and their wishlists starting July 20 through August 3.

And now, here are your 2016 mentors …

Adult Mentors …

Carrie Callaghan
Dan Koboldt and Michael Mammay, co-mentors
Dan Malossi
Emily Wheeler
Hayley Stone
Holly Faur
J.C. Nelson
Jennie Nash
Jenny Ferguson
Karma Brown and Susan Crispell, co-mentors
Kellye Garrett and Sarah Henning, co-mentors
Kristen Lepionka
Margarita Montimore
Michelle Hauck
Scarlett Cole

Adult/New Adult Mentors …

Brighton Walsh
Caitlin Sinead
Diana Gardin
Heather Van Fleet
J.R. Yates
Jami Nord and K.T. Hanna, co-mentors
Kara Leigh Miller and Meredith Ireland, co-mentors
Kelly Siskind
Laura Brown
Laura Heffernan
Layla Reyne
Michelle Hazen
Nazarea Andrews
Rebecca Yarros
Tamara Mataya
Mary Ann Marlowe and Jaime Loren, co-mentors

Young Adult/New Adult Mentors …

Charlie Holmberg
Diana Gallagher
Jennifer Blackwood
Marie Meyer

Young Adult Mentors …

Amanda Foody
Amy Trueblood
Ashley Hearn
Austin Aslan
Ayesha Patel
Brian Palmer
Brianna Shrum
Catherine Scully and Kim Graff, co-mentors
Chelsea Bobulski
Dannie Morin
Dawn Ius
Dionne McCulloch and Fiona McLaren, co-mentors
Eden Plantz
Emily Martin
Heather Ezell
Helene Dunbar and Beth Hull, co-mentors
Isabel Ibañez Davis
Jamie Howard
Jamie Pacton and M.K. England, co-mentors
Janella Angeles and Axie Oh, co-mentors
Jeanmarie Anaya
Jenni Walsh
Jessie Devine
Judi Lauren
Karen Fortunati
Karen McManus
Kate Karyus Quinn and Demitria Lunetta, co-mentors
Katherine Webber
Katie Bucklein and Megan Lally, co-mentors
Kelly Hopkins
Kes Trester and  Jennifer Hawkins, co-mentors
Kip Wilson
Kristin Wright
L.L. McKinney
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Linsey Miller
Lisa Amowitz
Lizzy Charles
Lynnette Labelle and Destiny Cole, co-mentors
Mara Rutherford and Joan He, co-mentors
Marty Mayberry
McKelle George
Molly Lee
Monica Hoffman
Monica Bustamante Wagner and Kerbie Addis, co-mentors
Naomi Hughes
Natasha Neagle
Nikki Roberti
Phil Stamper
Pintip Dunn
Rachel Solomon and Kit Frick, co-mentors
Rebecca Sky and Stacey Trombley, co-mentors
Rosalyn Eves and Erin Summerill, co-mentors
Ruthanne Snow
Sarah Nicolas and Leigh Mar
Shana Silver and Sarah Glenn Marsh, co-mentors
Sharon Johnston
Sonia Hartl
Stephanie Scott
Summer Spence
Tabitha Martin
Tobie Easton
Trisha Leaver and Kelly Calabrese, co-mentors

Middle Grade Mentors …

Allison Ziegler
Alexandra Alessandri
Amanda Hill and Cindy Baldwin, co-mentors
Ashley Martin
Brooks Benjamin and Caroline Thompson, co-mentors
Dee Romito and Jen Malone, co-mentors
Ellie Terry
Elly Blake and Ron Walters, co-mentors
Gabrielle Byrne
Gail Nall and Abby Cooper, co-mentors
J.C. Davis and Addie Thorley, co-mentors
Jenna Lehne
Jessica Vitalis
Joy McCullough-Carranza
Juliana Brandt
Julie Dao
K.C. Held
Kara Seal
Kate Foster
Kevin Springer
Kim Long
Laura Shovan and Tricia Clasen, co-mentors
Lisa Tyre
Melyssa Mercado

Patrice Caldwell
Rebecca Petruck
Rebecca Wells
Sarah Cannon
Shari Schwarz
Stefanie Wass
Wade White and Timanda Wertz, co-mentors

Phew! Happy mentor hunting!!

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