Adult Only Summer Pitch Party … instructions, agents, and editors

Put the children books to bed, the adult only pitch event is almost here!

On June 26 you have all day until June 27 at 8AM EDT (NY time) to post your entry in the comments of the official party post. That’s 24 hours!

At 8AM EDT on June 27 through the end of June 29, agents will reply to comments for the pitches they want to see more of.

It’s a simple contest, all you have to do is get your 35-word pitch and the first 150-words of your completed manuscript ready to post on June 26. You’ll post them in the comments of the party post and agents will make requests by replying to the ones they want to see more of. All are welcome. There’s no limit. Only one entry per writer.

Update: I will accept New Adult pitches. Please know, I’m not sure all agents are looking for it, but some are. So check each agent’s submission guidelines on their agency sites with the links provided below.

Unless the agent gives different instructions on how to send to them, when you get a request, go to the agents/editors websites listed below and follow submission guidelines.

Make sure to put this in the subject line (if you get a request):

Adult Only Summer Pitch Party: TITLE

NOTE: The agents will remember who they’ve requested from, so only send to an agent who has requested more pages.

Here’s how to format in the comments of the party post…

Title: The title of your manuscript
Genre: Adult Contemporary (or whatever yours is)
Word Count: 00,000 (round to nearest 1000th)

Pitch: 35-words (max) pitch, single spaced, no indentions.

Excerpt: The first 150 words of your manuscript, one space between paragraphs, single spaced, no indentions. If the 150th word falls in the middle of a sentence then go to the end of the sentence.

Please note: If you don’t follow directions, and we can’t read your entry, the comment will be deleted.

Here are all the fantabulous agents making requests…

Margaret Bail

 Jordy Albert
 Melissa Jeglinski
 Jessica Sinsheimer
Carlie Webber

Erin Harris
Julia A. Weber


And spiking the punch are some awesome editors…

Alycia Tornetta
No R.S.V.P required.
BYOP!! (Bring your own pitch!)

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