A Moment of Quiet, Please.

Okay, today’s coffee is Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato, which brings back memories of how my husband and I became more than friends one lazy Sunday morning.  Of course, since this blog is PG-rated, I won’t go into details, but it got me to think about the quiet lazy days of my youth.

When you’re young it seems like days move so slowly that your first dance, kiss, or job will never happen.  As a teen you’re able sleep in until the day is almost gone.  Your friends are your complete world, and you don’t mind your underwear lying on the floor.  For.  All.  To.  See. (I’ve asked her four times to clean her room this week.  Can you tell?)  The noise around a teenager is static and only their thoughts concern them. They can’t be bothered by the world around them.

As an adult, you’re lucky if you remember your first kiss, the only time you dance is at weddings (barely), and your resume is full of failed attempts at success.  When you sleep in, it’s no later than eight in the morning.  You haven’t your own world because you’re too busy orbiting others’ worlds. And, hopefully, your underwear is where it should be.

The past couple weeks I’ve been busy with others’ needs that I haven’t had time for myself.   The noise around me blares so loudly that I can feel my head thrumming from the pressure.  What did I do, you many ask?  Well, I locked the doors, turned every noise making thing off, and had a moment (several hours to be exact) of quiet.  I mapped my new work in process and wrote an entire chapter in those hours, and now I’m speeding along like a teenager.

When the noise around you blares louder than a teenager’s radio in the car beside you, roll up your windows, and take a moment of quiet for yourself.  I do, now, with no interruptions (I think my family fears me now–another story for another time).  So go forth, and have a moment of quiet, please.

That’s it.  Slurp!

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