72. YES, ADMIN – Adult Science Fiction


Mentor Name: Shana Silver

Mentee Name: Samantha Leach


Category: Adult

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 90,000


October is a genetically modified sub-human designed to function as a real life avatar in the sexually charged world of Manhattan, 2099, where humans live out their darkest desires night after night. When the implant that suppresses October’s emotions malfunctions, she has no choice but to join a team of miscreants hell-bent on freeing all sub-humans—even if it means war.


I’ve discovered a few truths since my change. First, emotions have mass, they collect inside you like pebbles weighing you down until you let them out. Second, the will to live is stronger than any emotion, but just barely.

My steps faltered as police sirens trilled. Headlights cut a blinding path out from the alley in front of me and I clutched my purse. A red muscle car hurtled out. The tires screamed as the driver overcorrected onto the street. A police cruiser rocketed behind him so close their bumpers kissed. The size of the crowd told me the game was hyped on the message boards. Games like these were common. The Cops and Robbers genre was number two behind Sexy Mugger.

The car fishtailed and slammed into a streetlight showering the street in fireworks. The whoops from the crowd seized my stomach. They stood in a loose half-circle around the crash. I smoothed down my skirt. When I looked up, I locked eyes with a dark crow-like man exposed only by the looping lights from the cruiser. He perched on the edge of a fire escape, watching me with his head cocked.

My skin tingled, the kind of tingle that made me want to run and never stop. I steadied my facial expressions and pushed my shoulders back. I had to keep it together. They would terminate me for sure if they knew they didn’t control me anymore.

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