67. PLEDGE OF ASHES – Adult Fantasy

Assorted_Uzi_Water_Guns_lgMentor Name: Kara Leigh Miller

Mentee Name: Amy Garabedian w/a A.B. Sevan


Category: Adult

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 86,000


If being psychic isn’t enough of a lifestyle cramp, Sydney now has two angelic-gifted brothers assigned to protect her from Hell. When a rogue Archangel plays double agent and a demon proves to be too much for her bodyguards, Syd must learn to uphold the Pledge that keeps Heaven and Hell from warring to save herself, her Detroit hometown, the brother she’s falling for, and the future of humanity.


The teenager waiting for her wasn’t the House of Cards’ typical client.

Sydney Hoven passed the dingy couch and stepped behind the counter. Shifting from foot to foot inside the door, the kid examined his bright purple sneakers. Syd’s intuition hummed a little tune, so she knew he wasn’t here to hurt her. She’d bet her GTO on it—and yeah, her prize possession wasn’t up for grabs.

But something caused her fingers to thrum out a beat against the chipped Formica countertop. She took off her coat and tucked her tote away. Syd tried for a smile, not wanting to spook the kid. He was safer here than out on a Detroit block.

The kid jerked his head and pointed a skinny finger at her left cheek. “Who did that?”

Syd silently cursed the fact her concealer wasn’t as good as she’d hoped. If the kid wasn’t fooled, not a chance Brie would be.

He straightened, pushed the sleeves of his hoodie up. “You Sydney, right?”

Syd paused. Another second and she nodded, hiding a grimace in the process. She could imagine how the local flavor spoke of her. She creepy, but she know her shit.Too many readings that hit too close to the crack house equaled the building of a very unwanted reputation.

She plastered on her benign how-can-I-help-you smile. “Would you like a reading?”

He nodded.

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