56. CHARLOTTE ELEMENTAL – New Adult Fantasy

Assorted_Uzi_Water_Guns_lgMentor Name: Julie Sondra Decker

Mentee Name: Megan Paasch


Category: New Adult

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 84,000


When an Elemental chooses Charlotte as its host, her days as a latte-peddling student are over. Charlotte’s only hope is Liel–a disenchanted Fae sent to kill her. Liel defies his kin to pursue a cure instead, but if he fails, Charlotte’s growing Elemental powers could destroy humankind and Fae alike.


That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

Her grandmother’s favorite quote ran through Charlotte’s head as she stared with resignation at the ribbons of grit dripping down the front of the espresso cart. She was pretty sure this machine was going to kill her before the end of summer quarter. If not though, she’d be one hell of a tough chick come September.

She slapped an out-of-order sign on the front of the espresso machine, unaware of the tall man watching her from down the hall. Head cocked, he wandered over and peered around the cart to see what she was grumbling about, but even then, she didn’t spare him half a glance.

“Piece of crap,” she muttered as she plopped a pile of rags on the counter. She selected one and got to work sopping up the murky puddle the wayward machine had left on the floor. It did this to her at least once a week. It was a good thing classes were still in session. Once they were out, the tiny cart tucked away at the end of the hall would be swarmed by engineering students. Ben had better hurry up and get here. Hopefully he’d be able to fix it before then.

The hallway was quiet except for the faint drone of a lecture from one of the nearby classrooms and the swish of Charlotte’s rag on the floor. Also the finger-tapping of the man at the counter, but she didn’t hear that.

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