54. CHASING CRAZY – New Adult Contemporary Romance

Assorted_Uzi_Water_Guns_lgMentor Name: Brighton Walsh

Mentee Name: Kelly Siskind


Category: New Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance (Dual POV)

Word Count: 80,000


Pininfarina’s name has got to go. Predictably, her reinvention as Nina, non-disaster magnet, tanks within seventy-two hours. In New Zealand. All it takes is scalding soup and a picture-happy mean girl. Then there’s mayhem-inducing Sam. Falling for his infuriating self has no place in her fiasco-free life plan. Not when her coordination nosedives in his presence, and landing him means owning her crazy.


After much deliberation, I’ve determined there are three official have-to-pee stages.

Stage One: Acknowledgement in the brain that liquid has been consumed and hours have passed since the bladder was relieved, but the matter isn’t urgent.

Stage One happens at the terminal when I break my cardinal flying rule: Always pee before boarding. Otherwise, I’ll have to use that tiny bathroom, banging into the walls when turbulence hits while trying not to sit on the toilet seat barely protected by the paper cover. Then there’s the awful sucking sound.

I always pee before boarding.

Unless, of course, I’m distracted by the ridiculously hot guy sitting opposite me at the boarding gate, his long legs stretched in front of him owning those dark jeans. He lounges on his faux-leather chair as he thumbs his iPhone, oblivious to the surrounding chaos. Two seats to my left some kid whines incessantly, distracting me from Hot Guy’s excessive hotness.

The young boy slams his back into his seat. “But mu-uum, you said I could use the DS after Lisa. She’s had it for, like, ten minutes. This is so not fair.”

His mom’s exasperated voice drifts over, and I can’t help but smile. I’ve been on enough trips with my five younger siblings to know that tone all too well. Exasperated Mom is almost as dangerous as I-had-a-bad-sleep Mom, but not quite as rough as I-burnt-dinner-again Mom.

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