24. OF NIGHT AND STONE – Young Adult Fantasy

Assorted_Uzi_Water_Guns_lgMentor Name: Evelyn Skye

Mentee Name: Summer Spence


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 92,000


One girl in present day.
Two lost princes from long ago.
All three very much alive…

When seventeen-year-old Elisabeth is forced to spend her summer at Bell Hall, she expects only a crumbling medieval castle. But when she discovers a centuries-old mystery within the walls, she’ll have to decide whether it’s worth disturbing history—both her own and all of England’s—to free the secrets locked inside.


England. Present Day.

Every stone in this damn castle looks the same. I hold my phone up against the darkness, feeling my way along the crumbling walls. I’d woken to a dim glow edging the stained glass above my bed, hinting of daylight, and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Because today is the day.

My breath whispers over the stone, disturbing six hundred years of stagnant air. Cold sweat beads in the deep scar that slicks along my hairline, dripping like blood, and memories best locked away ooze into the shadows with me.

Blood and flame and nighttime sky. Her hand, so still.

My feet falter in the darkness.

The ghost of Mom’s hand squeezes my shoulder, and my phone dips, the weak light dropping onto the small wooden box clutched in my other arm. Oval-shaped and carved into a blooming rose on top. Too light to believe there’s anything in it at all.

“You’re home, Momma,” I whisper to the box.

I can’t believe I’m here without her.

I can’t believe I can’t find a damn light switch.

My flip-flops echo as I bump down unfamiliar corridors cloaked in the gloom of centuries, jittery panic building in my chest with each step. My first day here and they’ll probably never find my body.

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