Holiday Guest Post by Virginia Boecker

I’ve never suffered from depression. I know I’m lucky to say that, and I know I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with it.

But low points? Yeah, I’ve had a few.

Five years ago, I returned to the States after living in London for four years. It was, […]

EYES TURNED SKYWARD by Rebecca Yarros … release day!

Rebecca Yarros New Adult Entangled: Embrace Publishing Release December 8, 2014


Life’s too short to play it safe…

Since her sister’s death, twenty-year-old Paisley Donovan, who shares her sister’s heart condition, is treated like delicate glass by her parents. But nothing will stop her from completing her Bucket List—even […]

Another Pitch Wars success story…with Elly Blake and Sarah Nicolas!

The best part of the contests for us around here is when we hear about successes. Today we are so happy to have Elly Blake and her Pitch Wars mentor, Sarah Nicolas, here for a little Q and A. Elly recently signed with Suzie Towsend, Jaida Temperly, and Jackie Lindert with New […]

Another Pitch Wars alum success story…with Nikki Roberti and Rachel Lynn Soloman!

The best part of the contests for us around here is when we hear about successes. Today we are so happy to have Nikki Roberti and her Pitch Wars mentor, Rachel Lynn Soloman, here for a little Q and A. Nikki recently signed with Carrie Howland of Donadio & Olson. So as […]

Holiday Guest Post by Amy Reichert

Depression, Escapism, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This writing journey is a painful one and not for the faint of heart. As writers, there are a lot of things stacked against us. We spend hours alone with our thoughts and 95% of the feedback we get is rejection–often generic. Not to […]

Holiday Guest Post by Sharon Johnston


Four years ago, in June, I had a phone call from my parents that left me emotionally broken for years after the event. My dad had cancer. Stomach cancer. He was about to undergo chemo to see if there was a chance. There wasn’t. On November 1, as I was about […]

Holiday Guest Post by Trisha Leaver

“I am not afraid of the storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

~Louisa May Alcott


That quote hangs above my writing desk. I stare it for hours at a time some days, reminding myself that failure breeds character, that just because I’m flailing right now […]

Holiday Guest Post by Erica M. Chapman

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great day ;o) I want to thank Brenda for having me on her awesome blog to talk about something I’ve experienced a bit of… especially lately—going through the hard stuff and getting the hell through it.

I try to be a positive person and […]

Holiday Guest Post by Brianna Shrum


It’s that time of year where I have some of my writerly friends guest post on the blog for the holidays. This year our holiday guest posts center around perseverance. I asked my guests to tell us about their lowest points and how they made it through the toughest times in […]